Gender equality according to radical feminists

Dowry prohibition:

1) A woman and her family cannot be prosecuted for giving dowry/gifts.
2) Punishment should be given to a man and his family for accepting dowry/gifts.


1) A woman’s word is deemed to be the truth by default and a single line of complaint accusing the husband, in-laws and anyone else, is enough to arrest the accused without investigation, under a non-bailable offence.
2) A man and his relatives are presumed guilty until proven innocent and they should undergo long-drawn trials just to prove that they did not commit any offence.
3) There is no penalty for a woman filing a false complaint thereby harassing innocent people, defrauding the police and judiciary and extorting money from the husband and in-laws.

Domestic violence:

1) Any action of a man that is PERCEIVED by a woman to be hurting her physically, emotionally or financially will considered Domestic Violence and the woman deserves protection under law. A woman (wife or girlfriend, current or former) can also claim the man’s hard earned wealth and property even though she may not have any right, title or beneficial interest in the same.
2) Any amount of harassment and abuse by a woman committed against a man is not perceived Domestic Violence and the man does not deserve protection under law because women are the “weaker sex” and could not possibly hurt a man enough to cause physical, emotional or financial damage.

The explanation for why innocent men and their families should endure “legal terrorism” today:

1) Because it is not a bad idea (Renuka Chaudhary).
2) Because women have historically been oppressed (All radical feminists and their ignorant followers) and it is now men’s turn to suffer (Renuka Chaudhary).
3) Because our (false) statistics show that 70% married Indian women are suffering from Domestic Violence and our (fabricated) statisitcs also say that thousands of women are being burnt to death in India everyday (All radical feminists and their ignorant followers).

“The feminists in India today say that the Indian law relating to adultery is premised on the outdated notion of “marriage”. The law, according to them, is not only based on the husband’s right to fidelity of his “wife” but also treats “wife” merely as a chattel of her husband. Such a gender-discriminatory and proprietary-oriented law of “adultery”, they argue, is contrary to the spirit of the equality of status guaranteed under the Constitution of India.”

So, how do they correct the inequality?

1) National Commission for Women (NCW) has shot down proposals for amending Section 497. Therefore, women cannot be prosecuted for adultery. They are still “hapless victims”.

2) NCW is proposing the modification of Section 198(2) so that the wife of a man who commited adultry can now file a complaint against her husband and get him punished for adultry.

This is called “gender equality”.


One thought on “Gender equality according to radical feminists

  1. While discussing adultery, we must not forget the consequences of the adultery in the form of illegitimate children. Often, the cunning woman who commits intentional fraud by indulging in adulterous relationship and begets a love child, takes refuge under the sec 112 of Indian evidence act. This act makes the presumption that any child born within a wedlock (if the husband had access to the wife), shall be presumed to be the child of the husband.

    This rules made sense when the DNA technology was not available to conclusively establish the paternity of the child. However, it is an anachronism in modern times. This must be changed.


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