November 19th is International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day flier – English (Click on the thumbnail!)

International Men’s Day flier - English

International Men’s Day flier – Telugu (Click on the thumbnail!)

International Men’s Day flier - Telugu (larger file with music)

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A good man, we are told,
…puts women and children first
…protects and provides
…promotes women’s empowerment at the expense of his own rights and those of fellow men
…offers his shoulder to cry on when women are in distress
…stifles emotion and endures pain without complaining.

A good man, we must realize,
…is also more often at the receiving end of abuse.

A male victim of abuse
…is often met with disbelief .
…is often told, “You must have done something terrible to her to deserve this. ”
…is often ridiculed, “Look at your size! You are a man! What do you mean she abuses you?”

The consequence
…several thousands of abused and battered men suffer in silent isolation for the fear of being stigmatized as weak and inept.

Media finds no incentive in highlighting the truth about abused men…Netas and baaboos find no financial or political mileage to be gained from helping battered men.

No one notices their silent tears, nobody hears their muffled cries…and hence no laws have been passed to protect men from any form of domestic abuse.

On the other hand, men are
…always projected as perpetrators of violence
…subjected to severe gender bias under law
…prevented from being a parent to their own children when a marriage breaks down
… often falsely accused of domestic abuse, rape and sexual harassment
…treated as guilty until proven innocent and punished based on mere allegations
…threatened and subjected to “legal terrorism” using laws like Indian Penal Code Section 498A and Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act

Male victims of “legal terrorism”
…endure arrest and imprisonment for crimes they have not committed
…witness their dear ones being jailed for no fault of theirs
…often end up losing their jobs and everything else they spent their life building
…suffer enormous pain due to separation from their children
… often have to helplessly watch their old parents wither away in humiliation and grief

The consequence
…every year, twice as many married and separated men, compared to women, take their lives, unable to endure verbal, emotional, economic and physical abuse and “legal terrorism”.

On the occasion of International Men’s Day, 2007, let us remind ourselves that MEN

…who care, protect and provide for families
…who perform some of the most risky and challenging jobs in the society
…who are our fathers, brothers, partners, sons, male friends and colleagues

are human; experience pain, emotions and tears; deserve love, care and support
and NOT further abuse from family, society, police and legal system

Idea, content and design by Uma Challa. Flier design by Vayuputra.


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