An appeal to all grown-ups on Children’s Day 2007

Children’s Day Flier – English (Click on the thumbnail!)
Children’s Day flier - English

Children’s Day Flier – Telugu (Click on the thumbnail!)

Children’s Day flier - Telugu

Please watch the above slide show and share it. Please copy-paste the link in a new window and load in case the slide show does not load on clicking.Seven-year-old faces dowry charges

Hundreds of children like me are arrested every year under anti-dowry laws.

Hundreds more children like me are kept away from fathers without just cause.

The day my family crumbled, I saw the police, lawyers and court staff rejoice.

None of those who proudly champion children’s welfare and rights raised a voice.

Thanks to family-breaking laws my parents parted.

My happy childhood ended even before it started.

Say NO to family-breaking laws like IPC 498A and Domestic Violence Act.

Say YES to measures that promote harmony and keep families intact.

Save Indian Family! Save Indian child!

Idea, content and design by Uma Challa. Flier design by Vayuputra.


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