All India Forgotten Women Protest offensive Kitply Ad

Recently, Kitply launched a commercial which blatantly promotes Domestic Violence against men ( All India Forgotten Women sent the following protest letter, but received no response from Kitply.


Mon, Sep 8, 2008

From: Uma Challa

To: Kitply (

Dear Sir,

I am Uma Challa, President of All India Forgotten Women (Regd.), an organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and family harmony. I am writing to you to ask you to immediately revoke your commercial promoting domestic violence against men.

To be specific, your ad shows a scenario where a timid man gets married. On their first night, his wife sits on the bed and the bed makes noise. Then, they both look below and see that the board bears the label “any ply”. The wife says, “why did not you buy Kitply?” as she slaps him hard.

This is a very derogatory commercial that promotes physical, emotional and financial abuse against men. You may be considering it as some sort of a joke, but I would like to remind you that violence is not funny be it against a man or a woman. I am sure you would find the same commercial with reversed roles revolting.

I urge you to revoke the commercial immediately or choose to be at the receiving end of protests and legal notices from our sister NGOs.

Thanking you
Uma Challa
All India Forgotten Women


Many organizations sent similar protest letters, which was eventually reported in DNA – INDIA.

Link to article published in DNA – INDIA:

Pdf version:

DNA-India article on offensive Kitply commercial

Please speak up against all commercials, TV serials, reality shows etc. which promote domestic abuse, be it against men or women, if you really stand for gender equality!