Open Letter to Metro India – PLAGIARISM in your newspaper


I am writing with regards to a feature entitled, “Time to fight violence against men”, that has been published in your newspaper (Metro India) today, Sunday, 4th October, with majority of the content copy pasted from my article which I had blogged on 2nd October at

On 30th September, Smt. Madhuri Dasagrandhi, called me and requested me to send to her anything I write about my new initiative #VAMBAM (publicized through posters on my Facebook timeline), to be published in Metro India, instead of blogging it myself or sending it for publication elsewhere. I told her that I do not like newspapers editing my articles, and that my content or style of writing may not be suitable for newspapers. She promised that she would ensure that no editing would be done, and requested me again to send an article to be published in my name.

On 1st October, I sent an article to her with a specific request that there would not be any editing.


On 2nd October, when she sent me an edited version, I wrote back saying that I did not approve of it and that I would rather blog it myself. I told her that I would send a Press Release later.


Just as a confirmation that I had blogged my article, I messaged Smt. Madhuri on Facebook messenger:


On 3rd October, while I was still in the process of consulting with fellow members and organizations to finalize the content of our Press Release, which would have to be sent to all news agencies, Smt. Madhuri messaged me and called me to ask about some “lead story”, which she insisted that I had promised her.

I reminded her of the article I had already sent, and that I would like it to be published as is or not at all. She said that my article did not appear like a journalistic article, and hence needed to be edited. I told her that I am not a journalist but a writer, and that I did not want an edited version of my article to be published in Metro India.

Smt. Madhuri sounded very desperate because she seemed to have made professional commitments in my name, which I am not aware of. She blamed me for her being unable to honor her commitments. I repeated that I would not like my article to be published in Metro India with modifications.

Today, 4th October, I was appalled to notice this plagiarized article “Time to fight violence against men”. To publish someone else’s content without their permission is wrong, and to publish it after being denied permission is even more unethical and unprofessional.

I request you to please delete the article from your website or provide a link to my blog, since I had published it first.

Thank you

Uma Challa


Please find below, Smt. Madhuri Dasagrandhi’s comment on the link to my Open Letter to Metro India, posted on my Facebook timeline.

The least Smt. Madhuri could have done is to acknowledge that she did something wrong, and correct it by providing a link to my blog, as requested by me. Instead, she is now trying to justify her wrong through downright falsehoods.



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