Revoking consent from “Martyrs of Marriage”

Here’s the email I wrote to Deepika Bhardwaj today, 22 June 2017, revoking my consent from the documentary, “Martyrs of Marriage”. Starting today, if footage pertaining to me is shown anywhere, be it in public screenings, private screenings or online or distributed through VCD/DVD or any other means, please let me know, so that appropriate action can be taken.

Thank you.




I am writing to you to ask you to delete my interview from your documentary film, “Martyrs of Marriage”.


I understand that your documentary is completely different from what you had me believe. It does not portray me in the manner that you had promised, and it completely ignores everything that I told you I stand for.
I have also learned that you are using the film for purposes other than those we had agreed upon, namely inspiring more people to stand up and fight, and promoting the Indian men’s movement. 
Raising money over and above your production costs, dubbing the film into other languages, making trips to screen it in foreign countries, monetizing it on the internet and showing the film at film festivals to build your own resume was never part of our agreement. 
I expect that you will respect my wish and immediately delete the portions that contain my interview. I do not permit you to use any footage of mine for any purpose from today 22 June 2017. 

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