The four Ds


Here’s the email that I had sent to Deepika Bhardwaj (Martyrs of Marriage) on 30 June, 2017.

I have not received any response, and I am not surprised. The four Ds – Delay, Distraction, Distortion and Denial – have been the tactics used by Deepika Bhardwaj to get ahead at the expense of everything and everyone, ever since the inception of her project, Martyrs of Marriage. Many people have raised their voices against her deception, and also expressed deep regret for having helped her financially, logistically and in other ways. Everyone must be warned of such opportunistic, narcissistic individuals who masquerade as defenders of social causes.

As I had posted earlier, Deepika Bhardwaj is not permitted to use any footage of mine for any purpose from 22 June 2017. If footage pertaining to me is shown anywhere, be it in public screenings, private screenings or online or distributed through VCD/DVD or any other means, please let me know, so that appropriate action can be taken.


30 June, 2017.


I read your emails. There are some things that you wrote to me that are wrong and others that are irrelevant.

That aside, I’d like to ask you to send me a copy of the personal release form or declaration form that entitles you to represent me, label me, to use my story and the rest of my interview in any manner, at any place and in any form that you wish, for any given period of time.

Also please read FAQ 11 in the following site:
11. Can any addition/deletion be made after certification?

It is the right thing for you to do to delete my interview, and it is also well within my rights to ask you to do so.

Thank you


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