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Uma Challa


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ms. Challa,

    You are and will always be my first inspiration as you are the one who inspite of getting a quash, continued to fight against this injustice. I wish to do the same.

    It is not me, or my brother, or my family, we will be out of the case someday anyway but I still wish to get justice for all those who have gone though the torture in the names of 498 A trials and your words have inspired me more, to continue to be an independent warrior….

    I was greatly disappointed with the way SIFF is being mal-handled but am not concerned with it anymore as I will make sure that none such disappointments distract me from my path. Let them also be the same (group of chauvinists), and keep doing what they like……

    Like always, thanks a lot, its because of you that I have realized what a human being can do when he/she comes out of his cobwebs and selflessly dedicates himself to a cause….. Keep it up!!!!

    Thanks & Regards,



  2. I have greatly enjoyed studying your blog, and gaining a mental picture of what is happening in far away, exotic India. Interestingly, it is similar to what is happening in the USA and almost everywhere on earth these days.

    I will give you a writeup on my blog, the Counter-Feminist, and send some of my readers your way so that they too can inform themselves about the big global picture.





  3. Dear Ms.Uma,
    Sitting in Dubai not knowing how I can help my friend here whose brother in India has been arrested under Sec 498A, reading your petition to the President of India has given me a ray of hope. Though it is a clear case of police influence for the lady who is going out of her way to tarnish her husband’s name and to stop him from filing a divorse case against her, we are helpless sitting here.

    Hope your fight for justice for men see some light ASAP……………..


  4. Dear Ms Challa, I’m an independent journalist writing about sexual violence in India. Would like to contact you regarding VAMBAM – what is the best way to connect with you? best, NJ.


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