Feminists bully, India Times succumbs!

India Times ran an informative poster campaign about men’s issues on International Men’s Day, 19th November, 2015.

Feminists have exposed their intolerance for any discussion about men’s issues and the celebration of International Men’s Day. They bullied India Times into retracting the article from their website and forced them to issue an apology. Here’s the apology note by India Times:

India Times apology

Ironically, India Times only recently updated its cover photo to one which says, “Not afraid”.

Not afraid

Of course you are, India Times! You are just plain afraid!

Thanks to the internet and social media though…Truth can be deleted from a website, but cannot be completely erased!


Thanks to https://legalfighter.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/indiatimes-bows-down-before-feminists/#comment-3258 for saving, reproducing the posters and making them available for download.


2 thoughts on “Feminists bully, India Times succumbs!

  1. Retracting from facts under pressure created by feminist is shameful act by @IndiaTimes when our judiciary n political leaders hv accepted the #LawAgainstMen
    #LawMisuse #Fakecases #LegalTerrorism #LegalExtortion is the business for feminists. They are afraid from truth. We know #TruthTriumphs
    Kudos to this blogger for encouraging the innocent ppl who are fighting against injustice.

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