Housewives, prostitutes and beggars

I recently participated in a TV discussion on why prostitution is on the rise in the country. I shared the panel with a closet feminist and a radical feminist, both of whom were of the opinion that prostitution was better than marriage since the house is unsafe for a woman, and she would at least get paid for her services if she were a prostitute.

I returned home thinking about their wise utterances and went to bed discussing the same with my husband.

I said, “For decades, feminists have claimed that one out of three women is unsafe in her own house. They have told us horrendous tales about how it was daily grind for men in the country to abuse, assault, set afire and murder their wives. They lobbied for laws which would facilitate a woman breaking her shackles and barging out of the “tyrannical household” or throwing her alleged oppressors out, whichever is convenient. They ensured that every woman who had a problem “clearly understood” that all her problems were because of men, marriage and the household.”

“By the same token,” I continued, “feminists have also been shouting off of rooftops that streets are terribly unsafe for women. They claim that everyday nine out of ten women are subject to manhandling, rape, sexual assault, acid attacks and what not. While they believe that, ideally, a woman should able to walk safely on the street at midnight, they are constantly scaring themselves and the rest of us in the society about how women are unsafe on the street even during the day.”

“What then, is the solution for women? Where do they go? What can they do?” I wondered loudly.

All of a sudden my husband had an epiphany and said, “A WHOREHOUSE!”

“YES,” I agreed, “This is brilliant! It is neither the house nor the street. It is something in between – the utopia that my feminist friends on TV spoke so highly of. They have to be right. That’s where they think our women would be safest, well paid and properly fed, and that’s why prostitution, with the more fashionable label of ‘commercial sex’, is on the rise.”

I then thought of how far we have come thanks to the feminist movement from pre-independence days.

We had a time when prostitution was a recognized profession and we had the Devadasi system. The system was severely condemned by communists as the handmaid of patriarchy. Their unrelenting crusade against the oldest profession resulted in a legislation for the “prevention of immoral trafficking” in 1956.

While this “prohibitive” legislation decriminalized prostitution, a few decades later, the Government went a step ahead and tacitly legalized commercial sex and sex tourism, recognizing how it can financially empower women and thereby boost the economy.

Today, we are at a point where we are talking about prostitute rights. While we have women’s rights champions like Brinda Karat who proclaim that “Society should have no right to control what women wear or do”, we have others who say, “If you respect a woman’s right to say “no” to sex, you should also respect her right to say “yes” to sex.”

Simultaneously, all heterosexual relationships have been prostitutionalized so that a woman can claim compensation for all sexual or non-sexual, real or imaginary interactions at any time during or after the relationship.

A woman who chooses her hearth and home is not left behind either. She is tagged with the honorary title of “prostitute” as feminists believe that she is unaware that she is only trading sex for social and financial security, and they will not take “no” for an answer.

We surely have come a long way, baby!

While I was still marvelling at this astounding progress, I saw a news item which said that the recent Government Census clubbed housewives, prostitutes and beggars into a group. What a timely gesture by the Government!

While housewives have already been clubbed with prostitutes, would it not be unfair to ignore the scores of women who have taken to a glorified form of begging by standing before the Courts of Law for maintenance and alimony from their estranged husbands?

Feminists have not only taught women to shun all the age-old encumbrances imposed by marriage and family but also to shed all inhibitions associated with parasitic living. Accordingly, there is no trace of shame in these modern liberated women, but it is with a sense of pride and entitlement that they artfully exact money, thus claiming their rightful inclusion by the Government in the club.

The feminists have reduced housewives into prostitutes and beggars long ago. The Government has just made it official by grouping them in the Census.

Why, then, is the Supreme Court cross about it? Beats me!

Copyright ©Uma Challa, 2010


20 thoughts on “Housewives, prostitutes and beggars

  1. Uma ,

    A very well balanced analysis of the way the feminist movement is shaping up , here in India. If this does not ring the alarm bells in the mind of the society at large , nothing else will. We might as well snore out in glory , all the rubbish talks of matrimonial & happily lived hereafter concept of the institution called marriage aka western hemisphere….

    I have commented elsewhere that this must be a must read for bachelors about to take the plunge, for then they can know that how & when they would be playing with fire.

    I also wish that somehow this article is played out in all the leading & regional newspaper of tomorrow. Hope that may be , somebody out there with the media networking is listening….:):)

    Keep it up. Uma. You are giving to society something which these so called feminists are hell bent on destroying….A lost culture & a sense of dignity


  2. OH……BTW..Uma we now have an example here where the woman what ur husband has abrutly coined a WHOREHOUSE story….

    Read the above to understand the agony of senior citizens trying to protect the honor of family & the perpetuors are the ones assigned to protect the society….

    Ghosh’s daughter-in-law was allegedly involved in an extra-marital affair with a cop in the area. “(But) neither me nor my son could protest as she threatened every day that she would lodge a complaint against us under section 498A,” wrote …the 71-year-old.

    Infidelity & a threat to misuse 498A is a clear malafide intentions leading to abetment of suicide of a senior citizen, concerned about the welfare of the Family. The court should take cozinance of this fact & treat this as the rarest of rare case…


  3. Now the question is that where will this WHOREHOUSE lead us to…..I reproduce the comments below of a contribution by Tami Pepperman .

    They are told they are a form of “elite”…this is after they have already been removed from their father, their social structures, and taught that they must qualify to be human, via TITLE.

    Told that males are the ones oppressing them, they are seeking title outside of home, and relationship first, not given important keys to do so, usually the only title they end up with is “MOTHER”…even if they are not able to be, or are abusive.

    At the point of breakdown of a marriage, they take their title with them, possessing the child. They do not have a SELF, therefore this is the ONLY title they have.

    They are incentivized and allowed to make false allegations through social programs, free legal aid, daycare subsidies, etc…this insures that their family wealth, all personal wealth is CLEANLY redistributed through use of family court.

    Family court/civil court is not there to HELP YOU, they are there for this reason. Mediation is professional Delphi practice, these mediators of change agents are the ones carefully pitting her, against you to REDISTRIBUTE all family/personal wealth via FEMINISM which is the political TOOL that teaches the female she MUST have TITLE…

    you are eight years behind the US, in the full redistribution of your countries there…if you can teach what feminism really is, and what it is used for, maybe you can spare the family destruction there…the American family has been destroyed, all assets went back into the system, children, lost, and alone without their fathers, and the females once held in “specialization” and adhering to feministic reign, are about to all learn that once the children age out of the system, and become emancipated, that they are expendable too.

    an example of Delphi:


  4. Hi,

    The factual situation has been well-articulated. In fact, what all you have written has provoked me to think that, yes, women are safest in brothels.

    With utmost regard and respect to womanhood, the irony that we have to observe here is the blatant oppression of what we call “Women’s rights”. Indeed, women should have the right to choose what they can do and wear.

    It is rather an unfortunate situation, but, we all can’t help it. The very word of “prostitute” will see all heads-up in horror in our society. But, what we fail to recognize is the fact that are many husbands treating their wives any less than prostitutes?

    Similarly, this growth of radical feminism should see the abuse of the protection provided by the law to pursue personal vendetta against men. We have seen the increasing number of cases filed under section 498A and we’ve seen men commit suicides as well.

    Again, I’m leaving this comment with an open conclusion that while the percentages may vary, irrespective of men and women, everyone is a subject of harassment in one form or the other.



    • >>yes, women are safest in brothels.<<

      I am sure feminists will be very happy you concur with their pig-headed argument. Also, god bless the women in your life!


      • Hi Uma,

        I presume you haven’t understood the sarcasm in what I said.

        Nextly, I’m of a view that we need to amend section 498A of IPC to include provisions to deal with the harassment of men by women as well.

        While I condemn all sorts of atrocities against women in the name of dowry, I completely agree with your view that firstly, the dowry-payers must be prosecuted for they encouraged the evil first.



    • >>women should have the right to choose what they can do and wear.<<

      You forgot to add…but they should not be responsible for themselves in any aspect. Only rights all the way!


  5. >>are many husbands treating their wives any less than prostitutes?<<

    I am sure you are talking about the same cases where the women are treating men like ATMs and nothing more.


      • Is “misbehaving and harassing” the same as treating wife like a prostitute?

        Also, you have no idea what MANY men do.

        “I am a good man. Other men are bad or morally inferior to me” – This is the attitude you must first get rid of before you begin to talk about abuse, harassment, rights, responsibilities and gender equality.


      • Hi Uma,


        In a way, YES! Because, I have seen men who think that women nothing more than child-producing machines/free house maids. That is what I mean by my statement that there are men who treat their wives like prostitutes.

        I have a sister who’s almost 7 years younger to me. She asks me the reason why she’s not given as much independence as I was given in terms of taking decisions or making friends, or for that matter, even using a mobile/internet. I have no answers. I end up merely protesting, but again, not much use.

        Coming to the men who are subject to exploitation by women, TAKE ME! I am a living example. I have been driven to attempt a suicide because of harassment, not just by girls’ family, but, even by the police. I am today happy, thanks to the intervention of some senior officers into the case. I can tell you, women are no saints.

        The whole cause for the problem is the law which differentiates men and women.



      • men who think that women nothing more than child-producing machines/free house maids.

        This is not the same as treating wife like a prostitute since prostitutes do neither of the above for you.

        are many husbands treating their wives any less than prostitutes?

        This is wrong.

        She asks me the reason why she’s not given as much independence as I was given in terms of taking decisions or making friends, or for that matter, even using a mobile/internet. I have no answers.

        You don’t have answers to your sister’s question because you don’t understand the problem correctly.

        The whole cause for the problem is the law which differentiates men and women.

        The main problem is not the law, and thinking that the whole cause of the problem is the law is your main problem.


  6. Uma Challa a true Indian Hero….who unlike Feminists seeks for true equallity and in Family-life …
    And not prostitution of women in the name of ‘Liberalism’ and ‘Feminism’ which is exactly whts commin to India nowadays from the West!!!


  7. Excellent and Bold blog by Uma Challa.
    When these feminist women themselves compare wife with prostitute. Law allows educated , able bodied wives to be parasite.


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